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We only offer devices with the latest cellular bands providing excellent and strong coverage

The latest Technology in Radio Communication

When communications are critical, talk to a user instantly at the push of a button. No dialing, always get a response from the network.

User friendly, affordable, private wide-area communications system, no unlocking devices, live monitoring with ‘duress feature’ to enhance your safety.

Multiradio – affordable global communications solutions for Australian businesses, from Plumbers to Mining giants we have a solution to suit.

Multi Radio PTT
Systems Coverage

Safe Secure Reliable

The MR PTT systems MRPTToC has 52 Global Servers you access through mobile, WiFI, and fixed data. Integrate UHF/VHF, NXDN, Tetra, P25, DMR, Analogue into our global ‘open or closed group’ trunked two-way radio system.

Multi Radio
Trunking System

Trusted Globally

LMR to LTE Gateway

Traditional Two way radio ‘Land Mobile Radio’ (LMR) and ‘Push-to-Talk over Cellular’ (PTToC) can integrate. We can connect UHF CB, VHF Marine etc from one side of the country to the other with this. It has a wider coverage than DMR, NXDN, P25, Tetra, Orion etc.

We program the gateway. You connect it to the internet by Cat5 data cable, connect your radio following the appropriate method and you are up and running.

Industry Wide Solutions

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We Create The Future Together With Our Customers

Multiradio only supplies products quality tested and meets the legal standards to be used in the country of supply.

To ensure maximum compatibility with accessories all MultiRadio’s use the Kenwood® brand two pin plug. This ensures access to a wide range of accessories and compatibility for future use.

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