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Our Markets

Sectors Where Multiradio Is Being used

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Over a third of the worlds workforce are employed in this vital industry. Integrate UHF CB, PMR, FRS, UHF or VHF with MR PTToC.

Building & Construction

Residential, non-residential or the engineering arm can stay connected over a wide area with our MR PTToC and Oper8or System.

Event Management

MR PTToC devices look professional and congruent with a well managed operation. Stay in touch, see SOS alerts live on maps with Oper8or.


Road, Rail, Truck, Van, Bicycle, Base, on foot we can provide the tool you need to stay in direct contact & monitor worker safety.


Needing to talk to catering, stores, couriers, lighting, security, visual & audio on or off site, local, interstate or overseas. It can be done!


Hospital and Medical Centers are 24/7 facilities where there is continuous communication needed to care and treat patients.


Security, there is so many vulnerable static guards out there right now with no instant tool to reach out for help if they need it. Here it is, MR PTToC.

Aged Care

Easy-to-use communications system that is one button talk, another emergency features for the aged, their carers, staff and administrators.

Safety Industry

Just because your a safety professional doesn’t mean you not at risk and that communication is not vital. Drug & Alcohol testers for example!

Community Services

Generally in this field you are working with high risk clients face to face, interacting, aiding and transporting, staff deserve to be safe.
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