Software Dispatcher (Oper8or)

Software Dispatcher (Oper8or)

Software Dispatcher

The software dispatcher (Oper8tor) allows live map monitoring, instant duress ‘SOS Emergency’ location finding, tracking, geofencing, speed & height identification, messaging, group and individual call, instant recall of audio files up to 3 years and so much more. It is ‘identical’ other than the logo to the leading PTToC system in Australia minus the cost, so it is an effective tried and tested system.

Software Dispatcher Access is $15.00 per month including GST.


Safety Management System (SMS)


Monitor In Real Time


Easy To Use Safety Solution


Lowers Risk – Increases Safety

Key Features

User Friendly

  • Software is easy to use.
  • Operator confidence gained quickly.
  • Decision making clarity gained.
  • Gain more control over vital operations

Audio Access Files

  • Call log management
  • The system records all audio.
  • Files available instantly or 3 years later.
  • Audio review assists with safety.


  • Gives a live overview of users.
  • Live Traffic Information
  • Geofencing Boundaries show.
  • Can add landmarks
  • See distance between users
  • View as general map or satellite image.


  • User friendly system easily learnt.
  • Local to global operations can be managed.
  • We have trained experts in this software.
  • Our experience is in emergency 000 and 911.
  • We provide training though modern means.

Security / Audio Quality

  • Standard Mode – This is a 4K mode and uses less data than 8K.
  • Enhanced Mode – This is 8K and has excellent noise filtering and synchronises the data packets smoothly.


  • Define your user boundaries.
  • Be alerted to boundary breaches.
  • Peace of mind monitoring for those in need.
  • Easier incident/emergency management.
  • Event management made easy.
  • Safety compliance is manageable.

Distance Measuring

  • Closest user to SOS can be measured.
  • Location between users idenfiable.

Show Traffic On Map

  • See live traffic information
  • Assist guide your users

Group Call

  • Talk to users through your headset.
  • Use the computers microphone.

Individual Call

  • The option is available.
  • Delays instant nature of PTT.
  • Initial set up required.


  • Speed and elevation shown.
  • Snail trailing can set.
  • Easily audit and check compliance.
  • Real time monitoring.

Emergency Alert (SOS)

  • Speed and elevation shown.
  • Snail trailing can set.
  • Easily audit and check compliance.
  • Real time monitoring.

Lives Speed Alert

  • Live speed of travelling users
  • Overspeed alert

Last Location Identification

  • Identify users last known location